Stop referral spam (Ghost Spam) in Google Analytics

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block-digitalfaq-spam-google-analystic is a referral traffic that doesnot land/visit our website. Its a type of Ghost spam/Ghost traffic used to promote website that spammers what us to visit, which inturn increase the traffic to website  spammer’s need to promote. They insert the fradulent web data into our Google analystic report inorder to get the users attention and and persude you to visit their website.

Referral Spam is harmless to our websites, but ruin the google analytics report.  Since it’s not visiting our website, any methods to block  their visit to the website at the server through methods like Javascript / wordpress plugins & like config files .htaccess won’t. Only choice is to create a filter to exclude them.

To block / Referral for google analystic ?

Step 1 : Open your Analytics account.


Step 2 : Go to Admin —> All Filters.  all-filter-google-analytics


Step 3: Click Add Filter  add-filters-google-analytics

Step 4: Add  Filter Name :   filter-name-google-analytics

Step 5: Select  Filter Type : Custom filter-type-custom-google-analytics

Step 7:  Select Filter Field : Compaign Source   filter-field-campaign-source-google-analytics

Step 8:  Add Filter Pattern as filter-pattern-google-analytics


Step 9: Click Save button at the bottom of webpage  spam-filter-save-button-google-analytics


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