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The Team contacted spiderclickz in a situation that their domain www(dot)doozzi(dot)com is not visible on search, not even  in first 10 pages.  The website doozzi is an ecommerce site based in Dubai , UAE and this issue highly effected the company's growth & profit, where the customers not able to find them on Google search, as a result their business rate through web decreased tremedously. Profit rate dropped much lower.  

Our Spiderclickz CRO had a long talk with our client & collected maximum details regarding the website & its history and came to know that the website's digital marketing is done by other team who dont have much knowledge about SEO penalty and it adversly effected the client reputation.

Caution " Guys Once again we are reminding you all, while approching any team for Digital Marketing Service, make sure they know all the corners of Digital Marketing the positive & negative factors "

Our Spiderclicks penaly recovery team analysed the website and came to conclusion that the website is Banned in Google Search Engine the reason is Pure Spam. Not only in Google, The Site is also banned in Most of the search engines linke Bing Yahoo etc.

Case Study

Project Duration : 8 days

Domain created on 22 August 2014.

 Project Started : 10 May 2015

Penalty Removed : 18 May 2015

Website start visible/indexed on Google : 20th May 2015

Our SpiderClickz analysed the website and came to know that the website is banned in Google Search Engine due to the Reason Pure Spam. 


  • Domain Age - 9 Months 
  • Domain created on 22 August 2014.


  • Spamming & backlinks
  • Negative Seo in webiste
  • Spaming due to UGC
  • Lose of Genuinity of website in Google
  • Low of Repuation
  • Banned in Google, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine.
  • Stuffing & Spoofing
  • Unauthorized codes in website which effect website indexing.


  • Optimize the complete website
  • Removed the Bad Backlinks & Stuffing
  • Clean website internally & externally.

Google Penalty Revoked on May 18th 2015  - Issue fixed

Website recovered from penalty & start visible on search

organic search count -google -higher
                                                  Website start visible on search engine 

Happy Client - Doozzi

" Superb job !!! On behalf of doozzi team, would like to thank you for your service and completing it in short span of time."

Doozzi Team


Penalty Revoked

Listed in Google 

Website Optimized

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