Digital Marketing Report – Inspirit MakeOvers

Inspirit MakeOvers is one of the best makeover studio in India. Jijeesh the owner & founder of Inspirit Makeovers  is a Professional Makeup Artist known by his great experience all over India & his works are extended internationally.   When Mr Jijeesh approche us he was really in a  bad situation were he had  lost his old domain name which was more than 4 year older  and he need to work out  the whole over with a new domain name from the very first word.  


Case Study

Domain Age : 4 Months

Domain created on 10 September 2014.

 Project Started : 1 November 2014

Report Period : 1 November 2014 - 28 february 2015


  • Domain Age - 4 Months - Fresh Website
  • Domain created on 10 September 2014.


  • New Domain new to search engine.
  • Need to reach on top in search results.
  • Competitors count much higher 
  • The Main key word is missing on domain name
  • Lack of many important social media accounts.
  • New domain zero backlinks
  • Avoid over-targeting existing visitors.


  • Optimize the whole website with main keywords,
  • On Page & Off Page Optimization.
  • Increase the back links to the website. 
  • Need to Optimize the  Social Media Accounts
  • Need to start missing social media accounts.
  • Need to increase the brand presence in web


organic search count -google -higher
Pageviews - Google/Organic Search  
Website Visits Aug 14 - Feb - 15
Website traffice increment in last 3 month

First in Seach result

Target Keyword 

402% ROI

Happy Client - Jijeesh

We looked at a lot of SEO solutions for website promotion but these guys were our clear favorite. They has the right strategy and they've been awesome to work with to boot.

Digital Marketing Results - After 3rd Month



Search Engine Page Results

Reach the First Postion on Google Search Result page in 3rd Month after started the Campaign. Keyword - Bridal MakeOver -  (In 3 months ). Tremendous increase in visitors to the website. High increase in bookings which force him to keep more staffs to handle. Results Happy Client

Social Media Optimization Report


Like : 34,148 

Visits : 418


Tweets 71

 Followers 69

Google Page

 Followers: 52

Views : 10,408 


Posts: 83

Followers: 697



Pins 112

Followers 95

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