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Have you been hit by a penalty ? 

Diagnosis  Analysis Clean Recovery Fix

Common Google Penalties: The Most important Google Penalties that hits the websites are Google Panda & Google Penguin. Both the algorithms are entirely differ & have similar tremendouse effect in website traffic. Correct identification in the type of Penalty affected on website is necessary to recover from it & it is the first step in penalty recovery.

How to check whether you are hit by penalties

  • Received  warningmessage in Google Webmaster Tools regarding unnatural links.
  • Sudden drop in organic search traffic on specific date.
  • Unable to find your website on Google Search Engine Result Page.
  • Get notification regarding manual penalty.
  • Sudden drop in organic ranking for main keywords.

Manual Spam Penalty

"Pages on this site appear to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or repeated or egregious violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines"

Have you ever receive a google webmaster mail stating that your website hit for manual action for pure spam 

Pure Spam is the spam definition Google gives websites it feels has performed the most egregious types of spam actions.  Lots of reasons are there for getting the site listed as pure spam which including negative seo, low reputation, cloaking, sneaking, hacking, stuffing , spamming host, domain reputation the violation of Google's webmaster guidelines results in Pure Spam. This could be result in banning for your website, once the website is banned then we cant find the site in anywhere in SERPs,


Your website rank poorly in SERPs or on the other words Are your website in Google SandBox ?

Common signs of Google SandBox

  • Website rank outrated.
  • Even for the exact title matches, the pages dont rank.
  • Site got ranked in all other search engines other than Google


Why did my website get Penalised in Google ???

  • Paid backlinks.
  • Large quantity of low quality backlinks.
  • Keyword Stuffing.
  • Low quality contents.
  • Over optimized Anchor text linking to the website.
  • Negative SEO
  • Hacking, Spam & Malware.



How to Identify If Your Site is Penalised ???

The simplest way to identify whether your website is penalised is with the help of Google Webmasters Tools.

  • Sign into your Google Webmaster Tool.
  • Click on " Search Traffic", then "Manual Actions"
  • If your website is safe from penalties Google will  display a message stating “No manual webspam actions found” .
  • If your website is penalised Google will display the manual actions below.

What Now ? Recover & regain your ranking & traffic from Google Penalty

Don’t got trapped in the same type of digital marketing company that already made you situation critical.  The sudden increase in the web traffic and rank are not produced through the clean and natural traffic, It wont worth when you can get the permanent traffic and ranking through good quality links and contents. There are lot more chances to got penalised again by not following the google terms and condition properly, you’ll also better serve your customers by providing quality content and good relationships.

If you’ve been hit with a penalty, or just don’t know why your traffic has dropped recently  and the reason for the sudden vanish of you website form the google search engine result page, we are here to help you, we will do a detailed study about the issue, research it and find out the best plan to remove the search engine penalty. 

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