How Search Engine Works

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How Search Engine works

Crawling – Software called Spider/Crawler (Google have Google bots) crawl through the webpages and fetch all the web pages on the website.

Create Index – Evaluating the contents and identifying the words used on the webpages fetched by the spiders and assign it to the best matched keywords. Hence creating the index and saving it to the database of the search engine. Search engines match queries against an index that they create. The index consists of the words in each document, plus pointers to their locations within the documents. This is called an inverted file. The index or inverted file is the internal data structure that stores the index information and that will be searched for each query.

Query Processor/Processing – The search queries are processed and searched/compared against the inverted file of documents.

Search and match Processes – By Calculating the relevance of each page with the Search query however the search engine determines rank, the ranked results list goes to the user, who can then simply click and follow the system’s internal pointers to the selected document/page.

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