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Just by getting some links from many other websites never increase your website’s rank in the search engines. The quality of the anchor text on the link url play a huge factor in ranking the web pages for specific keywords.

But by adding the same anchor text randomly  for the inbound links may put your website on Penalty. Inorder to assure the natural & genuine search results with the Penquin update Google started to look more closely at keywords in anchor text. If too many inbound links contact the same anchor text, the site will put on suspicious and may even results to get penalised, i’e our website got banned from Google Search Engine.

Let check out some points usefull while building the links

  • Choose the right and appropriate keyword, and try to add the keyword to anchor text in natural way, rather than copy pasting the same keywords as anchor text. Make the links and anchor text more natural way. Varying anchor text is still the best as long as there is relevance in the words. For example If you have a website that sells BABY SHOP, building links with the anchor text “BABY SHOP”, “BABY DRESS”, “BABY ITEMS” will get you further up the ranks in the long run than making just focusing all your anchor texts on “gift checks”. But not having the keywords “BABY” or “SHOP” or “BABY” inside the anchor text would lead to it being somewhat useless.
  • Avoid adding the domain name or title of page as anchor text. find out the most appropriate and importnt keyword and try to include it in your anchor text.
  • Even if there are two or more links pointing to the same url, the Google will count only the anchor text used on first link.


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